How to motivate a team to productive work?

How to motivate a team to productive work?

Human resource management is an important aspect in any organization. Managers often ask themselves how to motivate a team to productive work. This challenge becomes even more difficult when there is remote or hybrid work. To achieve the highest level of effective work of employees, it is important to have an individual and flexible approach, positive atmosphere, and to minimize pressure and stress in the workplace.

Motivation is readiness to take specific actions that will allow pursuing a clearly defined goal. This also means strength that drives a person not only to start certain activities, but to finish them and obtain a reward. How to make sure that the team has it?

Setting goals

Employees must know what to strive for. It does not matter whether it is reaching a specific target, improving efficiency or winning a competition. The team should know the goal well. Moreover, the team must see something more than just increasing the company’s financial result. The leader should show elusive goals, such as a specific mission, philosophy or improvement of the organizational culture and, at the same time, values that the employee will gain.

Rewards and motivation system

Many organizations use cash rewards only to motivate employees. However, it is worth remembering that over time employees’ priorities change and not always a good salary is enough for a team member to give 100% of himself. Apart from financial incentives, attractive material rewards or social programs, the emotional aspect is becoming more and more important. Employees should feel the support of their superiors, individual approach to their problems, and recognition for their merits and successes. Each of us expects respect and praise for a job well done. This motivates us to keep going and increase the feeling of belonging.

Flexible and individual approach

An important aspect of the employee’s approach to the duties performed is flexibility that the employer can provide. People who feel that they can go to the supervisor with their problems and be heard are less stressed about matters not strictly related to their duties. If employees are aware that their request for a day off, flexible working hours or a possibility of going to the doctor during the day will be accepted, they will repay them with effective work and good results. It is worth remembering that each person is different – they have different talents, possibilities and style of work – this means that they can be motivated by a different form of praise. The organization should give the employee not only a sense of safety, but also an individual approach to each situation. This guarantees increased motivation and willingness to work.

Minimization of stress

Most people do not feel comfortable when a project deadline is too short, there are too many responsibilities and constant boss scrutiny. Working under the influence of severe stress does not bring any good. Managers should allow employees to make their own decisions and give them time to work in peace, as much as possible.

Team communication

Communication and developing competences in a team are extremely important aspects of working in any team. The supervisor should take care of the correct flow of information both within the implemented projects and within the entire organization. Employees value the experience and knowledge their supervisor shares with them. Fluent communication helps to better assess the work done so far, faster decision making and motivation to complete a given project.


Motivation is the sum of activities not only during working hours, but also after hours. Morning coffee, Friday prosecco or lunch together once a week. Such seemingly small gestures build a sense of unity within a team, support integration and allow getting to know each other. The manager’s role is to find opportunities for integration, initiate meetings and take care of a positive atmosphere that ultimately favours effective operation.

Summing up, motivation plays a key role in managing the human resources of a modern organization. Each employer should remember that the team, apart from financial rewards, needs comfort, flexibility and a sense of safety to achieve success and implement new projects.

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