Career in the IT industry. Interview with CEO at Enzode.

Career in the IT industry. Interview with CEO at Enzode.

He set first steps as a programmer to manage progressively bigger technological teams after few years.

Each day he makes every effort to optimise the world around him and automate repeatable activities. Great enthusiast of agility, lean development, and being customer-centric. Get to know better Piotr Ławecki, CEO at Enzode.

Piotr, please tell us about your professional career. How did you reach the place, in which you currently are?

My professional career in IT started for good 10 years ago. I successfully joined an exceptionally integrated and ambitious developer team as Junior PHP Developer and later advance to further levels, also in other companies, to take leadership positions. Looking back, I must admit that thanks to this I have a great opportunity to be today in this place, where I currently am. A key role in all of this is played by people, with whom I had and have an opportunity to work throughout years. Starting from colleagues from teams through co-workers from other department and ending on my superiors. I am convinced that today I can take handfuls of knowledge, which
I acquired, and now I can manage teams of great experts thanks to the opportunity to meet so many ambitious, exceptionally talented, and great people.

How did you end up in Enzode? What influenced you to make
a change? What company values did convince you?

When making a decision regarding change, I always analyse numerous factors and it is difficult to point out one that outweighs other factors. The change is always difficult and requires a great deal of internal convincing to its validity – in my case it was even harder because the organisation I left was close to me, I had a great team and constantly growing business. What finally convinced me to take up the challenge of being CEO of the Enzode Company? I think there are few key factors.

The Enzode team and its environment is a group of very ambitious, creative, and extremely talented people, who want to carry out higher and higher goals, as well as change the world surrounding us for better. Add to this the development vision determined by the Owner and where the Enzode Company currently is and you have all the factors that convinced me about validity of this decision.

How did you find yourself in the new organisation?

The process of adapting to a new reality is probably the most difficult stage in the cycle of professional life in an organisation. The support of all people engaged in development of the Enzode Company is great. I had no difficulty in acclimatising and writing myself in the daily life of the Company. First weeks in the Enzode Company are extremely intense due to the implementation into the Company. I try to “reforge” this time into subsequent initiatives. I feel that I am part of the Enzode family and I cannot wait for subsequent projects carried out along with my team.

What plans do you have for the nearest future as the CEO of the Enzode Company? Are there any changes waiting for your team? On which projects will you focus first?

The closest plans definitely concern the expansion of current team. The number of projects we carry out, development of current applications with new business functionality, or new solutions supporting the constantly quicker business development result for us in a demand for additional support. The flagship projects for the nearest future will be systems from the fields of sale platforms, CRM, or Marketing Automation. We constantly aim to reach the highest quality standards, including the coverage of applications with tests, provision of highly efficient solutions, or even broader use of the DevOps methodology, which in turn shows that in the nearest future we will find interesting challenges in those fields.

Tell us a bit about your experience as a leader. What is the greatest challenge in team management for you and what is the thing that motivates you the most?

During my current professional career, I had a pleasure and honour to work with great leaders. Thanks to this experience, whenever I think about a leader I think about honesty, transparency, engagement, inspiration and support for my team to extract the best features. I want to adhere
to such values and pass them down. This way I try to motivate my team and the team passes this good energy back to me. That is how it works.

Majority of leaders have their own set of values and management methods – what aspects are especially important for you? How do you influence the motivation and effectiveness of your team?

Motivation and effectiveness of a team is a derivative of few factors – interesting and developing projects, real and achievable goals, and integrated and ambitious team. While leading projects and setting key execution areas,

I make every effort to make the closest goals achievable and maximising the business value.

This makes the team feel that it has the ability to create successful solutions. As a developer,
I always wanted to feel that what I do has a meaning and is used by end users. Now, as a leader,
I want to give this feeling to my team.

Tell us, what do you do in free time? What are your hobbies?

The coronavirus pandemic has prevented me from doing some activities that I willingly did up to this point. Therefore, I recently seek various inspirations that can be done when the situation will stabilise itself. I always gladly dedicate time for a good movie or a play in theatre while interweaving them with my great interest in motorisation. When I want to move a bit after work,
I choose squash or cycling. I try to use every bit of free time for activities that help me recharge before next professional challenges.

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