Are you a good employer? Evaluate it without spending a fortune!

Are you a good employer? Evaluate it without spending a fortune!

Are HR and Employer Branding activities financially inaccessible for SMEs? Definitely not.

Assessing employee dedicated activities is a domain of major corporations with financial means to hire companies qualified in auditing, assessing performance, and data analysis. There are several easier ways any organization can evaluate how their HR and EB operate without driving up costs.

The first step is to conduct an anonymous survey based on rating scale and open-ended questions.

This type of research requires us to decide what kind of information is crucial. For example, Raisead divides into sections. The first base section answers questions about department, location (anonymity cannot be apparent in this situation) as well as overall work evaluation, aspects that need improvement, and level of recommendation.  The second one is about career development. Including: evaluating promotion opportunities, willingness to take on new responsibilities, and elements that positively and negatively affect daily tasks. After that, we verify the quality of cooperation with the team and supervisor. As well as communication, motivators, and factors that may influence the employee to change jobs. The last one is company-focused: internal activities affecting the workplace environment, organization, relations between teams, processes, benefits and expectations. This is also where every employee can share their ideas and insights.

This is also where every employee can share their ideas and insights.

What do we gain from this type of survey?

First and foremost, a clear assessment of the organization through the eyes of the employees. For fear of negative results, many business owners refuse to undertake this type of evaluation. But should fear hold us back? No – a good leader is the one who can say “Not everything is perfect, there are things we can do better. I am ready to listen and make changes.” As a result, teams should happily but accurately identify fields that demand attention. Raisead channels its initiatives and funds precisely to areas that need it by carrying out frequent satisfaction surveys within the organization. This results in a very high level of satisfaction across all projects.

The chart presents the current results of a survey conducted in 8 projects. As many as 87% employees say they like or love their work. For the employer, it is clear information that, whatever he or she is doing, it is working.

A satisfying relation with the supervisor is another significant metric from a corporal standpoint. Here, we can acknowledge that Raisead’s leaders tend to be outstanding managers, capable of handling both tasks and employee relations efficiently.

For HR, the question of whether employees are likely to recommend current job offers to their friends can offer valuable insight. This proves not only that the employee trusts the company but identifies with it as well.  Most significantly, it can be an external source of job applicants who are unlikely to rotate and can blend seamlessly into the work environment.

HR-wise, we learn about variables like the possible cause for an employee’s resignation. They can serve as reference for us to protect the future of our most important, carefully selected talents and keep them in our company for several years.

The total cost of carrying out the survey is a few days of work for our HR employee and 10 minutes devoted by each employee. Alternatively, we can use Google Formular, a free tool that will carry out part of the analysis for us.

What is the benefit?

An extremely valuable knowledge base that we don’t have regular access to! In addition, conducting satisfaction surveys and responding to their results significantly improves employee motivation, morale, and perception of the company. Even in organizations that face internal and image problems, the impact of this type of strategy is invaluable and allows for quick response.

How often should you repeat the survey? It all depends on the company’s size and level of response. In small organizations and businesses with a high turnover, once every three months is enough. Larger and more stable enterprises can carry out evaluation every six months, and even once a year.

Similar surveys may be conducted in other fields of operation. Raisead has its recruitment quality assurance. It is conducted through anonymous surveys sent to all candidates qualified for the recruitment process, regardless of its outcome. Job applicants are a great source of information about what we do well and what areas we need to work on.
Leaving the field clear for open evaluation is a good strategy as third party feedback can often surprise us ?

Corporate social responsibility is one example of how Raisead introduces changes based on survey applications. 87% of people declared their willingness to take part in sports events and other activities for charitable foundations. To live up to the expectations, over the last 8 months, there have been 4 company-wide donations of food/medicine/accessories for animal shelters, 3 visits to shelters, 6 clothing donations for various purposes (maternity homes, families in need). Together we have additionally donated 162 kg of clothing for Polish foundations like Ubrania do Oddania and Szlachetna Paczka.

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