An inspiring success story. Interview with CEO of BeGlossy.

An inspiring success story. Interview with CEO of BeGlossy.




Agata, how did your story in BeGlossy start?

My adventure started in 2011 along with the appearance of Polish branch of GLOSSYBOX. I started as an intern and main main task was to build relations with bloggers – Influencer Marketing did not exist back then. After a year and half, Polish GLOSSYBOX was transformed into BeGlossy and I was still in the team. I have progressed through the whole structure of Company and today, after 8 years, I manage the whole project.


Can you tell us what were the greatest challenges in BeGlossy?

Subscription beauty boxes are a specific product because they almost always are a surprise for the customer – we sell “cat in a bag”. A challenge was to build a trust among customers sufficient to convince them to buy the mystery product. We are one of few companies offering subscription boxes that has a humane face – people are behind BeGlossy. We sign under this brand and we are proud of it. We are transparent and therefore customers trust us.

Next challenge is posed by payment. This may seem odd in the age of Netflix, which de facto also operates on principle of subscription, but our observations prove that Polish people still reluctantly choose payment that requires from them provision of payment or credit card details. The subscription model operates at full capacity only when we automatically draw funds and yet we still receive questions concerning the possibility of payment e.g. using a bank transfer. We try to meet expectations of our customers and therefore alongside the standard subscription model we offer packets that can be paid using bank transfer or cash on delivery.

We are transparent and therefore customers trust us.

You know the Company’s history like nobody else – will you tell us your favourite moments, particular successes, or what are you the most proud of?

The history of BeGlossy shows that the greatest value of our brand is team. I am proud of people together with whom I create the BeGlossy brand for several years. We work in a small team and know each other well – this allows us to perfectly communicate. Together we managed to i.e. create tens of great beauty boxes, organise few memorable events for influencers, and we also got out from many crisis situations.



Do you have a favorite company/project?

Each of BeGlossy’s campaigns is different and therefore unique. In particular I love campaigns for which we prepare a dedicated box design. I am responsible for the whole visual identification of brand and prepare KV for all of our campaigns, which in turn allows me to work more creatively. I have very fond memories of the “Odkryj w sobie Lato” (“Discover Summer in yourself”) campaign that we carried out together with Coca-Cola. Recently, we also partnered with the MK Cafe brand, for which we created the “Coffee Time” BeGlossy box that became a bestseller.


What do you do in free time? What are your hobbies?

I recently have “discovered” travelling. For several years I have been trying to execute a plan of four travels per year and I hope that I will be able to retain by this decision during following years. During winter i ride on a snowboard – the Alps allow me to truly reset and recharge myself for further work. Aside from that, I like to set new challenges for myself and try out new things. I have passed through the phase of riding motorcycles or going to a shooting range. We will see what will be next. 🙂

I am lucky to work with people, who have passion for their job

Most of leaders have their own collection of values and management methods – what aspects are especially important for you and how do you influence the motivation and work efficiency of your team?

I am a part of my team and not just a “boss”. I require a lot both from myself and from others because we work together for a result. I think that transparency is important – the team knows how the execution of our targets looks like and I share with them all data on an ongoing basis. I am lucky to work with people, who have passion for their job – it is much easier to motivate such people to carry out joint goals.

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