Take care of the candidate experience. Why should you appreciate every applicant?

Take care of the candidate experience. Why should you appreciate every applicant?

As employer branding flourishes, more and more attention is paid to actions aiming to improve recruitment. The goal is to find an ideal employee, yet the road is lengthy.

The best candidate gets the job, however, a lot of them interacts with the organisation. Experiences they had with the brand are collected under the umbrella term of “candidate experience”.

In simple words, this means everything a candidate experienced during an entire recruitment process. This term encompasses the interview and every contact a candidate had with the company in their job hunt. It includes a website of a potential employer, a job offer, contact with a recruitment specialist, circumstances of an interview, any provided feedback and, finally, the very process of recruitment and induction.

Why is it important?

Among many candidates taking part in recruitment, only one gets the job. The rest leaves with their subjective experience, more often than not sharing their thoughts with other people. Candidate experience significantly affects the organisation’s image. Negative experiences may prejudice future recruitment processes as well as the employer’s brand. As such, these discourage chosen candidate to accept the job and the others to apply what makes it difficult to acquire new talents.

Theory into practice

In Raisead, we value candidate relationships and experiences in the recruitment process. We think a candidate-specific approach and maximum professionalism is the right way.

Every day, we face a challenge of providing candidates with positive experiences.

Clear communication is the key. We update the “Career’ tab on a regular basis, adding new and up-to-date job offers. We respect all people applying for a job in our company as well as their time and commitment and provide them with proper communication at each stage of the recruitment process, whether we look for an experienced specialist or an employee in the beginnings of a professional career. Once it is complete, we provide them with complete feedback, notwithstanding the result. Also, we can listen – we appreciate opinions of our applicants.

The effects of our actions

We provide candidates with survey polls aiming to improve our recruitment process and build positive relationships. Their results show that 98% of candidates think very good of our recruitment process. Potential candidate feedback helps us define and organise recruitment processes.

We have to remember there is no universal process that is appropriate for everyone, therefore, it is very important for us to be open to suggestions and to adapt to candidates’ expectations.

Our mission is to develop our organisation with support of amazing people, ready for new challenges at every given moment. We look for people who are curious, creative, ambitious and goal-oriented. We strive to be better each day, and we do it for them. See for yourself who we are and what are the values we share. You can find all up-to-date offers at our website. Join us at Raisead!

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