Great brands have
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Every company has its own story. This is the story about us. The story about our founders, our beginnings and growth.

We selected a few significant events from every year. Enjoy.

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The year it all began

It’s the beginning of our journey. After several years of online acquaintance and cooperation, our founders first met in person and during the meeting made a snap decision to set up the first business together.

We wanted to produce video games!

Significant events:

  • First company – GameNet is set up
  • First small office in an old Cracow tenement house
  • First hired employees
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The year we changed direction

Because after a deeper reflection we concluded that producing video games is not an appropriate goal for our young and inexperienced organization, we decided to change the direction of our development. Since we had some experience in web design and software development, we decided to focus on developing online services, mostly in the entertainment area. It was the beginning of our journey in the marketing area. In the first place, we focused on digital marketing channels, mostly on SEM/SEO channel.

Significant events:

  • First online services are launched
  • We succeeded in SEM/SEO campaigns
  • We developed our competences in the field of CRO, UX.
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The year of transformation

From the beginning we consider ourselves to be a tech company. In the year 2012 we realized that we are something more. Except for developing software, we were good with creative projects like web design, content production and media operations like running ads campaigns that performed really well. Our business profile has expanded into the marketing and advertising industry which has become our main focus shortly.

Significant events:

  • We excel our competences in online marketing fields
  • We develop new software in the eCommerce area (e-shops & CMS)
  • First steps in display marketing.
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The year our eCommerce journey began

After a few years of a successful business as an online services provider, we decided that it is a good moment to move on and take on a new challenge. During those days we had solid marketing basics and experience in software development. We decided to start building the eCommerce retail business. We became retailers on the Health & Beauty vertical.

Significant events:

  • We set up a retail business in the area of e-commerce
  • Significant increase in employment
  • The retail business achieved the firsts sale successes on the Polish market
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The year of huge expansion and rapid growth

It was a challenging period. After we started the eCommerce retail sale project we quickly understood its potential and decided to go global. We limited our other activities because we needed to stay focused. Over the year we expanded to 8 new markets. We recruited many amazing employees and enhanced our organization to be more professional and efficient.

Significant events:

  • Performance marketing agency – Intredo was founded
  • We expanded our eCommerce retail business to 8 European markets
  • We move to a new professional office in Kraków
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The year of structure and organization

With the craziness of 2014 behind us, we decided to slow down a bit. Of course, we expanded to a few new markets, but we also needed a moment to organize our businesses and companies. We set up a contact centre company, rented a second office and finally – we founded a logistics company. We also focused on software development, mostly in the ad-tech segment.

Significant events:

  • Multilingual contact centre – Tivron was incorporated
  • Lead logistics provider was incorporated
  • We rented a second office and separate our businesses
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The year of new beginnings

After a few years which we spent on developing business in Cracow we decided to take the next step and open the first Warsaw office. In the second half of the year, we set up Fintredo – a new business in the financial industry. Despite the lack of industry knowledge, we managed to successfully launch this business within a few months.

Significant events:

  • We set up the first office in Warsaw for Intredo
  • We set up Fintredo – a new business in unknown industry
  • We expanded with eCommerce retail on a few new markets
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The year of diversity in marketing

After many years of doing business online, digital marketing had become our speciality and we decided that it was time to move forward and try our luck in offline marketing. We expanded our services to traditional marketing channels. Intredo evolved and became more of a data-driven agency with a client-centric approach.

Significant events:

  • We ran our first offline ad campaigns
  • We built two important teams: marketing automation & data analysis
  • We developed new software for eCommerce and ad-tech sector
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The year of investing and acquisitions

It was a year of various kinds of investment and rapid growth. We launched new offices, products, markets and businesses like we usually do. We brought to life a new important brand – a software house called Enzode. We also made some investments in a new secret project and made some serious acquisitions!

Significant events:

  • We made some acquisitions on health & beauty vertical
  • We set-up a new brand – Enzode – a software house
  • We have made an investment in launching a completely new business (classified for now)
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